when I grow up I wanna photograph like u

naww don’t wait to grow up

why do you choose to only shoot with signed models?

because agencies pay me

r u my girlfrnd


hi h i hi hi hii okay i have some questions like : how did you start photography? (like who did you ask and do you work for or with anyone) do models/companies go to you for phototgraphy? ( if so how do they know to go to you ) yeahs orry im annoying i just reallyyyy want to be a photographer just like ya and im stressing okay bye ily 🍍😎✌

lmao why u stressin !! idk i’ve been w a camera forever since like high school i didn’t really ask any1 ..haha but yeah companies come 2 me, models i get through agencies or they’re my friends. haha it’s ok ur not annoying i used 2 email photographers all the time w/ the same questions  (except maybe not as expressive) & never get a response…so i gottchu