Any pics featuring yourself soon? Ure dope and so is ur work:)

thank u! no pics featuring myself soon, sorry 

follow me on insta tho, i’ll post occasional selfies 

My grandparents had a Minolta srt 101 in their cupboard for a while! When I found it I couldn't stop smiling. I know you're not a technician but my photos are always dark and blurry compared to your vibrant and bright images. Would u recommend a certain film or get a new camera? I didn't get a manual either so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :/

oooo that’s so exciting! ummm maybe your batteries for your light meter is broken or summin

take it to samys camera they will def help you there :)

Oh yeah btw, I'm a big fan of your work!

thank u! 

who is this freckled girl

Rayana w/ Wilhelmina Los Angeles 

Is that person in the Kanye tee a guy or a girl ?

a girl…if you looked at all the other pictures of HER you’d realize she’s def not a guy,

FYI this is who just asked you that last question about school, aka your biggest fan from eugene oregon (aka nowhere)

haha hi! i fuck with oregon it’s beautiful ovaa there!