whenever i get my films developed at costco the colors are dark and muddy. how come yours are bright and crisp when you get yours done at costco too? do you ask them to process it differently?

that’s v strange.. either its the way you’re shooting or the costco you go to is janky af. & no i literally just drop my film off, talk coscto drama with the employees then leave…come back an hour l8r talk more costco drama, walk around get some testers, then pick up my film & it’s perfect 99% of the time. 

sorry about ur coscto luck  :( 

Hey I was wondering what brand/speed of film you usually use? The quality is always so good ahhh I'm jealous girl. I never know how mine is gonna turn out and it's frustrating

haha i’m pretty sure every film shooter never really knows how shit’s gonna turn out. it’s frustrating but rewarding @ the end of the day. hella trial and error but once you r e a l l y know what you’re doing, can read light well, know the technical part of your camera, & are confident in what you’re shooting then you’ll be good. 

your costco still develops? which location is that? i have hella rolls to develop. thanks!

los feliz in LA

im mad inspired by you. love what you do. your work is some of my favorite. keep killing it!

<3 <3 thank you so much xx

I noticed that your photos are very bright, do you overexpose intentionally or do you brighten them in Photoshop or is it just the natural light?

errrything i do is intentional. but ya, natural light 

Your pics are so good

yours are better