wheres the buff blueish two piece your wearin in recent insta piczz, you're just such a spiceeeeee

it’s o-mighty! or @omweekend on insta :) they’re my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Think i just discovered one of my favorite blogs !
i was sitting on my legs and they fell asleep but i went to get up and chase my dog who took my food and i forgot my legs went stoopid so i tripped and fell and smashed my face on the couch and got a nosebleed and i think blood is funny (at least my own) so i made noseblood war paint on my face and thought someone should take a photo and i was like "WHERES AMBER ASALY???" haha

hahahahhahahahahahah omgg this is so good. TOTALLY something that would happen to me but i’m really, really flattered i popped up in your head when you had blood all over your face. wow, that honestly really means a lot to me.

You're so "grunge/soft grunge/skate"!

lmao fuck that

Very nice pics !! What is you favorite film stock ??? You killed digital !!! Lol

thank uuuuuuuuu! any 35mm 400iso i’m down for
i fuk with kodak gold a lot

So I have a question...if I wanted u to shoot me do I have to pay u? How does that work? Like do I get my own stylist or what???

yeah i dont do free ishh unless i’m asking you to shoot. & yeah if you wanted to get a stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist w/e that’s all on youuuu

Great work

:) thank u!

Will you ever grow your hair long again?


Hi amber I follow you on IG too I just wanted to know how you stay so thin and fit?

hahah i wish i was thin and fit!!! i eat a lot..always & i don’t go to the gym or work out. i probably should tho

What do you look for in a model?

its more about personality 4 me
like you have to be a DAB n if youre not then i prob wont like u

dab is a down ass bitch btw

You're like my crazy alter ego! If I was ballsy enough with life you would be the outcome!

hahahah wuuuut grow sum ballzzz bish

soz if youve been asked this before, i promise i did look! jus wonderin what software/programme you use to edit your pics once there on the computer? handsdown best/hottest/most original photographer out there, keep up ur shiiiiii x

haha it’s okkk i just use photoshop cs6 

& wowwww thank uuUuuuuuUUUUUUuuu <3

Do you make your living off of your photography? I'd love to be able to do that but i'm just scared i wont be able to when i move out to la

i’m tryin. yeah tbh unless you’re like REALLLLLLLLLLY fuckin legit you prob won’t be able to make a living right when you move to LA. i’ve been here for a year and the struggle is real